Sunday, February 27, 2011

What a great last two months of Wind!

Well so far it has been another incredible season in Baja! The fishing has been great, wind has been excellent for Kite boarding and all the great people down here equal one healthy equation for happiness.

I chartered a boat with three friends yesterday out of Bahia de los Muertos, we went fishing off the south end of Cerralvo island or now (Isla Jacques Cousteau) for some of the strongest fighting fish available this time of year. We Hooked Up! We caught two Yellow Tail (Great Sashimi fish and hard fighting), One really big Sierra, a Bonita Baraletti (Big Tuna), and a Pargo Perro or (Dog Snapper).

Ill post some pics of the Adventure and Previous Speardiving Adventures that we went on through the Month of February.

Here is a Picture of a big Yellow Tail, these fish fight so hard!

These are a couple of Pargo Perro or (Dog Snapper) that i shot off of a secret dive spot.

This is a 6' Moray Eel that we shot in a cave at about 30' underwater, it took two guys to pull it out of the cave and a couple of spearguns. We made sushi and barbecued it later, it was delicious!

Jose Geraldo was the captain the day i caught that big Yellow Tail, here is a quick picture i snapped of him catching sardines with a large throw net. He is a true pro.

Heres a shot of a really clean wave I caught over in Todo's Santos. Thanks for your photo skills Kim.

Cara caught a nice big Sierra the same day I caught that big Yellow Tail, I think Cara's fish fought harder than mine!